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Everyone can agree that a brand name, the name “on the door,” is one of the most important elements of any brand.

But unfortunately, anyone that’s gone through a brand naming process in the last 10 years knows that as much fun as the initial brainstorm is, it quickly becomes challenging and frustrating when you try to secure a trademark or a URL.

And if we’re being honest, we don’t have a magic bullet.

But, as a brand naming agency, what we do have is an ironclad, methodical, and thorough process that will minimize the pain and successfully deliver brand names that always are creative, but importantly are on strategy.

At Starfish, our brand naming agency services always start with the brand strategy. This is the filter through which we assess the veracity of a name. Because without this filter, the process can fall into subjective assessment and “wordsmithing” without clear direction.

And since different brand strategies will have different brand naming service needs, we’ll work through a structured brand naming process using brand name archetypes to ensure that we’re exploring all applicable territories.