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CMO Roundtable


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Starfish hosted a CMO roundtable centered around the theme of “BX (Brand Experience) is the new CX.” At the event, over a dozen CMOs and senior-level marketers discussed a variety of topics summarized below.

BX is the new CX

In the last decade, customer satisfaction has become a table stake. With technology reaching unfathomable levels of precision and efficiency, consumers now expect high performance on top of an intuitive, user-friendly, and relatable experience. Many companies are asking themselves how they differentiate their customer experience from their competitors, most of whom have invested heavily in this area over the past 5 years. The answer is right in front of them, but they fail to see it for the following reasons:

Translating a brand into real tangible actions and behaviors is difficult

Understanding how a brand should express itself through tangible behaviors requires a different perspective from traditional brand marketing. This is not only about how the brand should speak in its marketing channels but also how it interacts with customers. More specifically, how it listens, understands and responds to customer’s stated and derived needs and desires. In essence, how a brand acts across its points of interaction.


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